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Monday, 12 August 2013 12:45

Meet Magnus! Featured

Largs now has a magnificent giant Viking sculpture as a commemoration of the 750th anniversary of the 1263 battle of Largs. North Ayrshire Council presented the statue to the town as a culmination to the 750th anniversary year of celebration and as a legacy for this special year.

The giant statue is some 16 feet (5 metres) tall and has been constructed of galvanised steel by David Ogilvie Engineering of Kilmarnock. The sculpture is to be called "Magnus" in honour of the first Patron of the Viking Festival, Magnus Magnusson, and the current Patron, Professor Magnus Fladmark.

Directors of Largs Viking Festival visited the factory where the statue was created by David Ogilvie.

Attached photos; Viking Festival Directors Linda and Ray Young  meeting "Magnus" and shows the gigantic scale of the Viking Sculpture.

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